A blog to start – Tim Lee blog

I have delayed myself a lot of time to start this blog and then it happens right today after I sorted out my photo album of the recent Myanmar trip. It was a trip of a lifetime, much different than the first one back 2013 which was mostly covered with the popular destinations of this emerging land to the outsiders. I have interacted, taken pictures, experienced so many highlights that every traveler can dream of doing. This is quite a lovely country with warm heart people, untouched traditional practices as well as their strong belief in Buddhism.


I hope my blog will be live with variety of topics relating to daily life, adventures, travel interests, thoughts on social matters and whatever it is presumably good to read/discuss and to learn from. You are all welcome to join and to contribute/share your ideas/comments in the way that is most constructive for our world, a flat world than ever due to the internet development.


English and Vietnamese are the two languages for different posts as I speak these languages so please do not get frustrated if you see the posts sometime in English and some other times in Vietnamese. Each post will gets its own audience who are interested in the matter/story they concern or get hooked with. And you too, you can use Google Translate to get the content for yourself or ask the admin for help.

Happy blogging ( for myself ) and happy joining/sharing to you all!