My Vietnam and its endless charm


And the endless charm is revealed…

Welcome to my lovely S- shaped country

Where an approx. of 96 million smiling faces

Sandy beaches are of course endless

Stretches in a coastal line of 2000 miles

With a strong association of expertise guides

Who take you to many of the beaten paths

From the reminiscent Hanoi to Hai Van Pass

Or an imperial Hue to the bustle Ho Chi Minh city

From rustic tribal markets with full of minorities

To a breathtaking cruise in Halong Bay that you engage

And wherever you go, there will be will local touch

That keeps you in mind of a charming country

And the food, street eats or whatever tasty

Is the fusion of Asian food with some French mix

That boasts our diversified culinary and cook

Are all affordable without much wondering

Then you know why the giant food Mc Donald

Can never invade this beautiful S-shape

If you like adventure with outdoor purposes

Or simply back pack to discover natural beauty

Remember not to skip the Northern loops

Where Eco-tours and national parks are of plenty

With home stay and lot of community based graces

If you are a veteran and back for a new stay

We will walk you crossed the 17th parallel

To shake hand with an old folk VC

Who once fight for Uncle Ho’s rev

Oh, did you know that honeymooners

Often take Vietnam for their after-wed trip

Or even to propose before, on a desert beach

And owing marriage knot to be tighten life long

Even if you want a company to retreat

Or to host a Golf Master in Montgomery Link

We are all ready to serve, and serve you nicely

The Government also takes oaths

To pave all favorable policies

And not only just say

But green lighted with more investments and reduce visa charge

It’s totally unlike the past

A new Vietnam has opened, with determined minds

With warm hearts and sincere smiles

To welcome all you guys on board

Let’s travel Vietnam… we await…….


Tim – Oct 3oth, 2015.